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mature woman in bangalore

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hey every one
my name is dosent matter for many one right now. my age 23 and right now i live in btm layout banngalore.(cock size> 5 inches and really u want see it so better ask me directly)
the woman i meet i dont know her name but she is lates 30 with chubby body i guess 36-34-38 (and she is good in blow job ).
i guess this is enough for introduction for any suggestion or discussion i m all ears contact me at “” muk9902@gmail.com””.

let come back to story
let go back to last year june when i got her number friend and i really dont know that is turn to be most pleasure and helpful to make me satisfy myself and her also.
i know that it will be not so easy to get her attention. so i start from texting her in massenger(texting directly in whatsapp lead u to block list or end in trouble)
so start with normal talk first and it takes me real 4 month to know her figure and lead to sex chat.
intially we just sex chat but later i asked her phone number( intensional so hat she never come to know that i got her number from some else) we starting talking in whatsapp with lead to exchange of nude pic of her boobs pussy and ass in next one hour.
from now real stroy start
After getting her nude pic , i drectly call her (luck is on my side her husband not at home)

me: hey how are you
w: i m fine how are u
me: i m fine too but u got really a nice figure
w:(shy) thank you
me: where u live in bangalore…??
w: kormangala and u
me: btm layout and i guess u near to mee now
w: yes
me: so what u think when u r free to meet
w: tomorrow
me: where we can meet
w: form mall (instead of give me address she meet me there)
me: ok so see u tomorrow

next day i called for asking what time we have to meet and then i reach on time
1st formally we meet and she done some shopping( basically inner wear for afternoon action) and we eat some food after we left for her home.
After reaching home she asked me to make myself comfortable and she went directly to her room and i was setting in drawing room .
I guess after 10 min she open the door and I was shocked via her beauty .she just standing in her inner wear(red colour), my mouth was just open and looking her beauty and she came near to me and said to me ”bus dekhoge ki aage bhi kuch kare” then I just caught her hair start smoothing her and playing her body over bra and panties and which last long for 20 min.
After then we just move step back and then starting a deep breath and she caught my hand took me her bedroom and push her in the bed and told her to just enjoy the show
Then I starting kissing her again and press her boobs with full force which make her to make a sound of “aahhha aaahhaaaa hhhaaaahaa aaahaaah”but still I m trying to kissing her and pressing her boobies and then I slowing starting kissing her neck and then slowly moves to her boobies and broken her bra hook and take it out and start sucking like a small kid who is hungry for milk and start sucking it smoothly and gently and playing with other boobs with hand and press harder for nipple so that she can enjoy both romantic and forceful (and she like it) she is moaning like hell, whole room is like “aahhha aaaahhhhha hhhaaaaaaahhhhaaa haaaahaaaaahhhhaaah aaaaahhhhhhhhaaaaaaah”
And I m just loving it and it last long for 15 mins and then slowly I move to her pussy which is already wet and her penty also wet (I can really taste her salty cum from top of penty) and start sucking it for 10 min above the penty and then remove her penty and she really clean her pussy , its so smooth like a butter , I really like itand suck her pussy for 15 min more and she cum 2 time more on my face
Which is really cute and I can see the satisfaction on her face and eyes which making me more horny at that time
Rest on next part based on review
Thank you and forgive me for mistakes and any girls and ladies want to try something new feel free to contact me muk9902@gmail.com

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