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My Sex encounter with a married but almost a virgin girl- part 1

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My Sex encounter with a married but almost a virgin girl
Hi Readers,

My name is Dheeraj (name changed) from Bangalore. This is the story that has happened a month ago and still going on…
I’m an MBA grad from a prestigious institute in Bangalore- running my own business back here in Bangalore. I’m 26 years old and unmarried- living everyday’ s life like most of you. To be frank I’m not that fair/attractive guy to girl’s eyes. I’m 5.6 feet height with a decent complexion.
It’s all happened when we were in talks with couple of investors to raise an external funding for our venture and they were taking their own sweet time to invest and this was going on from about 2 years. Due to which I started killing most of my time by roaming around here and there in my hometown.
I used to stay in Bangalore earlier- when I was working for my earlier employer and went back to my native since the day I started my venture to save cost (as I already predicted that the first round of funding will take its own time). So, I was making trips to Bangalore whenever I had important meetings.
Coming back to the story- I met Jeevitha (name changed again) in my home town which is a village back in Bangalore- rural. She is 5 feet tall, average looking with attractive assets. She has 34-28-32 with a fair complexion. I had a good friend back in my village who was constructing his house which is next to Jeevitha’ s house. Since I had nothing much to do during the day as my investors are also from US/UK and the correspondence will mostly happen post evening, I went to see how his house coming out.
Though we live in a small village- that was the first time I saw her and really got attracted to her. From that day onwards- this has become a daily routine in my life to spend 1-2 hours there watching her and also in fact helping my friend in arranging materials for construction.
Once she came to friend’s site to borrow a water pipe to fill their water tank as it is a very common problem in rural side that you’ll get 2-3 hours of 3-phase electricity and should store enough water for a day, with all the courage I said “Hi”. She did not even replied and went straight back to her house by not even taking the water pipe. I know for the fact that she’ll not make this a new sense and I had all the background to deal with this issue if it comes to that extent since it was my home town.
I did not lose my hopes on her as I knew that she’ll bounce back one or the other day and kept on sparing a bit of time on a daily basis at my friend’s site.
One day, she came out to wash dishes and I started staring at her without even caring that ppl are working at my friend’s site. She was really uncomfortable with me doing this and she said why are you looking at me like that?
I just got what I wanted and said “because I like you”. She went inside with all the anger and did not replied/reacted and not showed her face for next 2 days. The reason why I was so confident that she’ll cooperate/entertain me is that her husband was insane/ very moody/ do not mingle with others. That’s not what these modem girls want from their partners (over and above these she had too many problems with him which I’ll tell you going forward).
On the 3rd day I saw her washing clothes and said “Hi”. With a cute smile on her face she too replied saying “Hi”.
I was on my heights thinking that all my efforts from all these days paid off. I signaled her to come down and walk towards my friend’s site and she did the same after resisting many a times. When she came out and reached the site-
I just said Hi again and offered her a hand shake.
She gladly accepted the hand shake and said “I can’t speak to you like this. Note down my number and give me a call after 1 hour and I’ll make myself free and complete the washing business” and she left.
I started to prepare for the call as if like this is a telephonic interview call and finally the time came. Exactly after one hour I gave a call and she picked my call on the first ring. I felt very happy assuming that she was waiting for my call and I was right. In deed she was waiting for my call!
Me: hi
Jeevitha: hello, how are you?
Me: Good. Done with your work?
Jeevitha: yeah- long back. I was waiting for your call!
So and so forth. Finally after 2-3 days of regular hi-bye chit chat sessions- we finally started to talk about the ultimate reason- SEX!!!
Initially she was very reluctant in talking about sex and as we became close- she started to open up. The strange thing that I found out in the beginning is that she is just 19 years old and she got married at the age of 17. She has a one and a half years old kid. But the interesting thing about her is that- she has had sex just 4 times till date. I was so surprised and in fact thought that I’m blessed to get a girl like this.
Few more days passed, where our discussion has gone to the stage of having sex over phone and we really wanted to have that ultimate pleasure. Since it’s a village and her family members are so strict- we did not have a chance to have sex in the village.
One day, she called me up and said “ her husband and her mother-in-law had gone out to land for some work and she is alone at home”
Me: can we make it today?
Jeevitha; hopefully, if there are no one around (talking about neighbors)
Finally, I went to site and started watching her house closely and checking whether there are anyone around! Yes, there are few people (labors who used to work at my friend’s site) sleeping outside their house (waranda) taking rest! I waited for about 3 hours seeking an opportunity to enter her home to have some fun and finally it did not happened. Her husband came back.
Both of us get very disappointed and decided to take it outside of the village and started counting days.
The day has come where her husband was sick- suffering from fever and head ache and got admitted to hospital. She was the one who used to take care of him at the hospital and I got a call in the evening by around 5’o clock.
Jeevitha: I’m at the hospital with my husband.
Me: yeah- I know. But what to do?
Jeevitha: we can make it today?
Me: hearing that, I just jumped up on the chair and said how?
Jeevitha: I saw a rest room in the ground floor. Spacious one and we can manage for about half-an hour.
Me: I love you. Shall I make a move now?
Jeevitha: wait! Not now. We are in Bangalore now and reach the ground floor by 8:30 and send me a sms.
Me: great! See you there!
I could not control my emotions and started planning how to have sex with my sex goddess. Though I have had sex with call girls 4 times till date- I was bit tensed since this is a different situation- having sex with a known girl at an unknown place (rest room!!!)?
Finally I started from my home at around 7 and reached the hospital ground floor by exactly by 8:20 and sent a sms. Again I was so tensed and waiting to see her reply. She did not reply to my sms for 10 minutes and there you go- I received a sms from Jeevitha saying “I’m coming downstairs”.
In this time gap, I just grabbed couple of condoms from the nearest medical shop and raced to the ground floor.
As soon as I reached the hospital, I just went to see the rest room to plan my session. As Jeevitha mentioned- it was spacious enough to fuck her for a day also. The watchmen was sitting at the entry point, more or less other end of the building) and I thought that this is the safest place with no cctv camera’s also.
I was just waiting for Jeevitha and she came.
Jeevitha: sent a sms again. “I’ll go first and you follow me. Make sure nobody see us”.
Me: okay
One- two – three: she entered the rest room and after few seconds- I just glanced through all the corners, followed her and locked the door.
We had few agreements to follow while having sex which we have accepted to do while speaking over phone calls.
1. She should undress me and me to do the same to her
2. I will have to stand completely nude in front of her for few minutes )since she had seen her husband nude till date)
3. To have a condom-free sex (Jeevitha’s condition).
4. Lip-block for as much time as possible.
As soon as I entered the rest-room, I just locked the door and hugged her tightly and started kissing her all over and came back to lips. We kissed for about 5 minutes where none of us wanna break the kiss. But due to time constraint- I broke the kiss. When we broke- I saw her crying with pleasure and she hugged me tight and said “you made my life. I thought that I lost everything in my life”.
It was an emotional feeling and I immediately brought her back and said “I’ll always be there for you” and started to kiss her again”.
Meanwhile I started to undress her as per our agreement. She was wearing chutidar and sweater on top.
I removed the sweater and started to caress her boobs which are about 34 in size. OMG- they were so smooth and her nipple was standing in 90 degree. I started licking and biting her nipples over her dress and she has started to unbutton my pant by that time.
In a minute time we both did our duties diligently in undressing each other. She made me to stand in front of her for a minute doing nothing and watching my tool which was completely erect and watching its moves.
I was not able to control my little buddy’s torture so grabbed her with my both arms. I started licking her milk vans rigorously and she has started to caress my whole body and finally touched my thick 4.5 to 5 inch dick which was strongly standing there between my thighs waiting for my permission to drill her love hole.
Meanwhile, my right hand started to squeeze her boobs one by one and my naughty left hand has started to search her love hole. It was so clean with no clue of any hairs down there. Looked as if like she is 13-14 girl with no pubic hairs. She knew that we will have a chance to have fun but didn’t tell me because she wanna surprise me.
She has started to jerk my iron rod and I was feeling like I’m about to cum and asked her to stop jerking. Just pulled out a condom to start a free trial but she said that she wanna have a condom-free sex as it’s been 1 and half year since she had sex with her husband and there is no problem to worry about any sexual disease and she was very stubborn with her decision.
I also had no problems with her demand- as I used condoms when I had sex with the call girls earlier as mentioned. I made her face the wall and stood close to her back meanwhile caressing her boobs.
I tried to push my dick from back side (my favorite position), but was unable to even push my dick head as it was so tight and I had no ways there to make her cum to lubricate her love-hole. I tried hard for about 3-4 minutes but nothing worked out. Finally I asked her to lay down on my rain coat (which I’ll always wear whenever I come to Bangalore), so that I can take a missionary position and take a ride.
She just grabbed my coat and lied on the floor. I just kissed her lips and stretched her legs apart to make way for my machine to drill her love hole. I placed my tip of my cock at the entrance and said just bare the pain for few seconds and you’ll enjoy. With all the lust in her eyes- she said please do it and no matter how much it pains- im ready to take it in.
Hearing that, I applied a bit of my saliva over her love-hole and pushed it hard. I was able to succeed in pushing my dick head inside and she said I can’t take it inside. It’s very thick!
I just kissed on her forehead and said “take this pain for next 30 seconds and you’ll start enjoying it”. She was crying with pain and I said “there is somebody at the door and blocked her lips tight with mine” and gave a strong push. Half of my machine went in and she said “please I can’t take it. Take it out or I’ll scream?”.
I held her hairs and started to kiss her forehead, neck and lips and spent 2-3 minutes in bringing her back to normal. And when I found out that she is not going through the same pain, I just gave a final push and she said “you teared my little pussy and gave a loud moan”. I blocked her lips again and did back/forth slowly for about a minute and loaded all my cum inside her. I gave a gentle moan and a kiss on her forehead again before taking out my tool.
As I could see- she had a severe pain than pleasure as it was like her first time sex with her partner who could understand her feelings.
Since I didn’t want to take my tool back- I laid on her for some time and finally took it out and sat on the basin. She took some time to recover and said that she’ll not forget this day ever in her life.
After 2-3 minutes, I asked her to give me a blow-job so that we can go for one more session and she readily agreed and went on to her knees to chew my little brother.
Though she was not great at doing that- she learnt it slowly after some time and was successful in bringing my little bro back. I always had the fantasy to fuck deep in her ass and asked shall we try that. Since she was already in pain in taking my tool in her little pussy- she said she would die if fuck her in her ass.
So we finally decided to rehearse the same what we did and she lied on the floor and I took in charge. This time I fucked her for about 12 minutes and she came twice this time. She was not even aware of the fact that girls do cum and she was on the 7th world enjoying the whole show. Finally for the second time I loaded all my cum in her love hole again and gave her tablet to avoid unwanted carriage and decided to end the session.
Since she has tasted the blood, she is on my back to take her out for a day to have more fun. I have promised her to take her to a hotel next week to try all positions and spend good amount of time with my sex goddess as also want me to become a father to her second kid!
I’ll share my experience in my next update.
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